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Pathology is a fun strategy game where the goal is to keep your token on the board, while trying to force your opponent's token(s) off the board. Pathology is easy to learn, quick to play, and each game is different from the last, providing a never-ending challenge.

The game starts with all the players' tokens along the edge of the board. The players then take turns placing tiles. The tiles have paths on them, and when placed, any tokens that are adjacent to the tile will advance along a path. You can rotate the tile to any orientation before you place it for maximum benefit.

You can play by yourself against up to 5 computer opponents, or up to 6 people can play at once by taking turns placing tiles. Or, any combination in between. Team up with a friend or two to eliminate the computers. Then, go completely cutthroat and emerge as the last one standing!

If you need to take a break, don't worry - Pathology remembers where everything is, and can resume the game right where you left off.

For answers to questions and support, email to

BREAKING NEWS! Release 1.2 is available in the App Store!
New Features in version 1,2:
* Up to 6 players can now play!
* Players no longer share the same three tiles. All players have their own “tray” of 3 tiles, which improves strategic gameplay by enabling you to plan ahead.
* When a player is eliminated their tiles go back into to the pool to be drawn by the remaining players.
* Players can enter their names in the settings
* Option to randomly choose which player goes first
* Enhanced AI option - the computer can now become a very formidable opponent.
* Stability improvements - most notably a bug was fixed where a crash occurred in low memory situations

* Games are quick - perfect for those "waiting in line" moments
* Drag tokens and tiles directly to where you want them
* Up to 5 computer opponents
* Multiplayer (by taking turns on the same device)
* Automatically restores your game if it is interrupted
* At the end of each game, all the players' paths are highlighted
* Listen to your music in the background

Planned enhancements:
* Localization to other languages
* Alternative game modes
* Wireless multiplayer